Every graduating senior deserves to feel on top of the world.

Every child deserves to remember what they felt entering into adulthood.

Every little girl has an innocence she deserves to cherish forever.

Ordinary moments make the most extraordinary art.

What will you make today that will last for all of your tomorrows?

Every family has a story worth remembering.

The best memories are those with the ones we love.

Invest in today what will be priceless for a lifetime.

Ellsworth Portraits believes every family has a story worth telling, every young one has a childhood worth remembering and all love is worth showcasing.

What Clients Are Saying…

“I’m normally very camera shy but she made me feel so confident. She has a way of making the photoshoot so fun and makes you feel like a superstar! She has a great eye and her pictures always turn out gorgeous. Michelle is the best!” —Maggie Rose