Your Utah Family Portrait Experience

Everyone should be remembered for exactly WHO they are! We guarantee an authentic representation of what makes you, YOU!

Every Family Has a Story Worth Telling…

How do you want to be remembered? We want ALL of you to be remembered! The way you laugh, love and live. We tell your story and what makes you special to the people you love.

How often do you get the chance to truly connect with the people you love?

We are so much more than your average photographer. We pride ourselves in creating more than beautiful art and gorgeous images. We pride ourselves in creating lasting love and connection with our unique approach to capturing portraits.

I venture to say you may have never experienced feeling your love quite like you will during our session.

We use a very thought out method to help our clients forget about being photographed so they can be captured up in the moment of connecting with those they love.

We believe the most beautiful images to decorate your home with should be full of your genuine and authentic love and personality.

How do you want your babes to remember YOU?

We believe in connection. We believe in real life. We believe in the real you with your real smiles and real love. Now that is a story worth telling.

We believe your connection, love and memories deserve being remarkably displayed. How do you want your family to be seen? How do you want to feel every time you walk into your home? We bring your portraits to life when we print and proudly display your moments for all to appreciate the special family you have.

Utah County Family Photographer at Squaw Peak

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What Clients Are Saying…

“I’m normally very camera shy but she made me feel so confident. She has a way of making the photoshoot so fun and makes you feel like a superstar! She has a great eye and her pictures always turn out gorgeous. Michelle is the best!”

—Maggie Rose