Child Portrait Experience

Every child has a childhood worth remembering….

What do you want to remember when your kids are grown and gone? Do you want to remember more than just their beautiful smile? We want you to remember everything.

There are so many faces to childhood. We believe in capturing all of your child! The good, bad, silly, mad and happy. What do you want to show your grandkids? Do you want to show them the same boring photos of only smiles or do you want to show them the true personality of their mommy and daddy?

It’s hard to think about when your little kids will turn into moms and dads themselves….but the day is coming and it is coming quickly.

Are you ready to capture your child’s everything?

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What Clients Are Saying…

“I’m normally very camera shy but she made me feel so confident. She has a way of making the photoshoot so fun and makes you feel like a superstar! She has a great eye and her pictures always turn out gorgeous. Michelle is the best!”

—Maggie Rose